"You're About To Learn The Secrets That Most Real Estate Investors Will Never Know About How To Work With Hard Money Lenders To Build Massive Profits"

Secrets of How One Real Estate Investor Made Massive Profits Using Hard Money Lenders

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For several years, I squeezed enormous profits out of using secrets I discovered about working with Hard Money Lenders. I became part of the elite "inner circle," getting access to great money and deals. Now I am ready to pass on these secrets...

Imagine having the knowledge to structure multi-million dollar deals in such a way that Hard Money Lenders will be fighting to fund them for you...

Visualize yourself receiving a phone call that goes something like this "Here is the deal. Here is all the money to buy it, and all that with no personal guarantee..." This happened to me, and I'll show you what you need to do to get this.

These closely guarded secrets were discovered over a span of 3 years when I pocketed immense profits using them. I learned to work with Hard Money Lenders in ways most real estate investors will never know.

Most investors will tell you hard money is "too expensive" and avoid using it altogether. I liked that, because I was left with a goldmine of massive potential profits. You see, these other investors view hard money as a 1-dimensional service, and that is to lend expensive money! There is so much more to hard money lenders than that. These secrets will unfold as you read this content rich book. You will discover secrets never revealed anywhere. That is because I personally discovered them, and they are now available to you.

What exactly does "hard money" mean anyway?

"Hard money" simply means that hard assets (real estate) is used as collateral for the loan. It DOES NOT mean that it's money that's troublesome, cumbersome and impossible to get.

Here's Just A "Sneak-Peak" At What You'll Uncover With
Secrets To Working with Hard Money Lenders to Build Your Real Estate Empire

  • Understanding Hard Money Lenders
  • Understanding How To Structure Deals For Hard Money Lenders To Say "Yes"
  • How To Become Part of The Sought After and Very Elite "Inner Circle"
  • Secrets To Successful Loan Packaging
  • How Private Lenders Play Golf All Day And Collect Checks
  • How To Build Great Relationships With Hard Money Lenders
  • How To Get Hard Money Lenders To Call You With Deals
  • Secret Strategies On How To Get Loan Terms The Lenders Never Offered Anyone Else!
  • How To Eliminate Risk From Hard Money Loans
  • Plus MUCH More!

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Many people have been to the same real estate seminars and boot camps and never do anything with the knowledge and materials received. Yet one person can build a real estate empire and another thinks "this does not work" using the same exact information. I've got news for you. Many of these seminars DO work. The claims are oftentimes a little inflated, but the principles, methods and strategies work. How do I know this? Because I've tried and used them myself. But I didn't stop there. Along the way I discovered some other secrets of my own... how to effectively and profitably work with hard money lenders.

If you are not serious about building incredibly huge profits from learning these hard money lenders secrets, do me a favor and do not spend your money... But if you ARE serious about being a real estate investor, and you ARE serious about living a better lifestyle, I invite you to order this book. It will open your eyes to a whole new possibility you never realized, and it will give you an edge over your competition. More importantly, it will help you build MASSIVE profits!!!

Don't get caught with your pants down!!!

You've been persistent and consistent in marketing to your prospects. You've doorknocked, you've cold-called, you've talked to every neighbor, relative and friend of the homeowners. You've followed up with every call, you've patiently listened to every sob story, you've empathized, cajoled, and then you waited........suddenly.......you get THE CALL. The distressed homeowner tells you they have 5 days before their house is sold at the foreclosure auction. You calmly jot down the details of the auction (deep inside you're giddy with excitement). You hang up the phone, jumping for joy at your BIG CHANCE to finally make some money. You're prancing, you're dancing......and then you remember......you don't have a penny in your bank account!!! Weeks of painstaking effort....hoping and praying that you'll soon get your big break, and now you can't even afford it!!!

Don't let this happen to you.

Learn how to develop and build relationships with hard money lenders so that you'll be well positioned financially BEFORE your "big break" happens. Line up your funding sources before you'll ever need it. Then, when THE BIG ONE falls on your lap, all you have to do is make a phone call to your lender, and "cha-ching", the money magically appears. In lightening speed, you'll be able to move quickly to truly help distressed sellers when they desperately need you the most.

Normally $197.00
Special Price ONLY $97.00! SAVE $100.00!

Get the edge over your competition. Learn insider secrets that your competition is absolutely clueless about.

Get insider knowledge and beat your competition on your next juicy, profitable real estate deal. Get there first. Get the money faster. Close your deals quicker. Pocket the profit...and go on to your next mouth-watering deal.

All this is possible when you learn how eager hard money lenders are to get your business, and fund your loans. You'll learn about the hard money lender's TRUE motivation for helping you succeed and make money. Their "hot buttons" will be fully disclosed.

Normally $197.00
Special Price ONLY $97.00! SAVE $100.00!

Learn to borrow money WITHOUT PERSONALLY GUARANTEEING the loan

This is one of those precious, well-guarded secrets, that few investors know. And once they happen to stumble upon this prized gem, they carry it to their grave! Now, that "secret of secrets" is finally being revealed. And it will absolutely blow you away!!!

Now, for those of you not clear on what "personal guarantee" means. A "personal guarantee" means you personally guarantee the lender that the loan will be repaid, otherwise they can come after you and destroy your valuable credit. Most lenders require that from you.

With Hard Money Lender, I will show you how to get NO PERSONAL GUARANTEE loans, meaning lenders will not come after you if you do not pay them, they simply take the property back without affecting your credit.

You can be flat broke, unemployed AND STILL GET MONEY!!!

"You're approved". Ahhh, words to an investor's grateful ears. What's even better is that you heard these words within 24 hours of your loan application.....and even better than that....you were approved without a job, no money in your bank account, no ability to repay back the loan, and an embarrassingly low credit score. Okay, don't let your jaw hit the floor. Unbelievable as it may sound, the above scenario is one hard money lenders face all the time, without batting an eyelash.

Strapped for cash? Overextended on your credit lines? Too much credit card debt? Bad credit? You're still approved!!!

Huh? "Impossible" you say? Can't be done? Think again. This is the beauty and gift of the hard money lending world. The underwriting criteria is so vastly different from conservative and conventional lenders, and that's why hard money lenders are able to fund loans that institutional lenders cannot.

Understand the hard money lender's unique needs, wants and desires, and more importantly, learn to address them. Only then will you realize the abundance of money which is available to you from this wealth faucet that will pour out oodles and oodles of cash, just for the asking.

Normally $197.00
Special Price ONLY $97.00! SAVE $100.00!

Learn step-by-step strategies on how to build your real estate empire

Not only did we fully disclose our secrets, we've also identified our top 10 real estate investing strategies to working with hard money lenders. PLUS, we've revealed our step-by-step investing process on how to effectively apply these strategies so that you can start making money IMMEDIATELY.

Read what successful real estate investors are saying about the book:

Testimonial from Phillip Brothers "Wow! I thought I knew all about Hard Money Lenders since I use them so much... until I read your book. Blew my mind away! Great secrets from a master! You just opened a whole new set of possibilities!" Phillip Brothers, San Jose, CA
Testimonial from Raul Alvarez "Easy to read and great information I have never seen in any other Real Estate book or seminar. An excellent tool for investing in Real Estate." Raul Alvarez, Stockton, CA
"After reading your book and learning about how to work with hard money lenders, I now know that any structurally sound deal is doable and I don't need to have money, just knowledge and cajones ( balls!!), to get it done." Paul Ramirez, Pleasanton, CA
"Why didn't anyone tell me about these secrets before? I've bought over 80 cash flowing properties, and I could've used many of the hard money lending strategies you mentioned in your book. I could've saved myself the countless headaches and stress I experienced when building my portfolio!" Pritam Sinha, San Jose, CA

Normally $197.00
Special Price ONLY $97.00! SAVE $100.00!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If your secrets are so "precious", why are you revealing them?

A: We'll be honest. We have shamelessly profited by using these secrets and strategies in our local market. Then, it dawned on us that we could make more money by sharing our insider secrets with other investors. That's the brutal truth. We have a profit motivation for sharing our discoveries with you.

Q: I heard that hard money lenders have very strict funding guidelines, so it isn't that easy to get loans approved.

A: The reason why you're not getting quick loan approval is probably because you haven't learned how to properly structure your loan request. By reading the book, you will be guided on how to properly structure ALL your loan deals to skyrocket your approval rate.

Q: If I read your book, how long will it take for me to start earning "massive profits"?

A: That all depends on your level of effort, time, commitment, persistence, etc. As in anything, there will be a learning curve which you will have to surpass before the big money starts rolling in. Mix your great work ethic, real estate savvy and the secrets contained in this book, and you'll be unstoppable.

Q: How fast can I get into the "inner circle"? And, once in, how quickly can I get access to great deals?

A: Just like anything, real estate investing is dependent on building good relationships with people. Getting into the "inner circle" is all about building great relationships with hard money lenders. But once in, watch out! You may not have a big enough bucket to catch all the deals thrown your way.

Q: How much money can I make after reading this book?

A: How hard are you willing to work? Your ability to earn money is still dependent on your willingness to roll up your sleeves and get to work. We can share our secrets with you, but you'll still have to work for your money. However, the combination of our secrets and guidance, along with your time and energy, will accelerate your progress and help you realize your profits quicker.

Q: How do I get a copy of this book?

A: I'm glad you asked! You're one click away from learning the secrets which only a select few have stumbled upon on their way to wealth building. Simply click the order button below and you'll soon be receiving a downloaded copy of the book.

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Normally $197.00
Special Price ONLY $97.00! SAVE $100.00!

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