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How To Become An Affiliate

Signing up as an affiliate allows YOU to partner with us and make money - passive money!

This requires 3 steps:

  • Sign up as an affiliate through Clickbank
  • Add the "Affiliate Link" (below) to your website to drive traffic to our website
  • Make money for every purchase made. We split 50% of whatever we make
Sign Up for Affiliate Updates

Our affiliate program is run by an independent third party company, Clickbank. Clickbank is a trusted third party affiliate management company, so you can rest assured you will receive your commission on time. To join our affiliate program, simply sign up for a Clickbank account (which is free), and use your Clickbank ID "account nickname" in our affiliate links.

Sign up for a Clickbank account here

Your Affiliate Link

Replace xxxxxx with your clickbank nickname

Sell our product for $97.00 and keep 50% of the commission... that's